Our Specialty?

We Do Your Corporate Meeting Minutes For You!


Are You A Small Businesses Owner?

Sit back and relax while WE do your annual corporate minutes!

IS "Do My Minutes For Me" FOR YOU?

If you are a Small Business Corporation (C-Corp, S-Corp) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) with less than 10 people, then continue reading....

Your business is growing and you submitted a bid (e.g. a government contract). You have been asked for the last three years of your company’s minutes as part of the due diligence process....are you prepared to share this?

stressed owner

It's one thing dealing with the daily issues of managing your business...

...but watching inferior competitors get contracts and/or funding because they did their company minutes and you didn't?

Your company is in a (legal) situation which requires you to share your company record books...will your meeting minutes be up to date?

If you, as a business owner, are negligent in updating your record books, then the (legal) system may question the viability of the business.

This could limit your company's growth potential...

...or worse, allow "sue-happy" people to "pierce the corporate veil" and go directly after you.

stressed owner

More and more small business owners are facing these sad examples!!

Many business owners in your situation think they are too small to worry about meeting minutes and are shielded from business liabilities if they have a Corporation or LLC...but this is not true.

"Annual meeting minutes are perhaps the single most-overlooked aspect of corporate compliance for small, privately held companies."

- Jiah Kim & Associates

We Have Great News For You

We are a group of small business owners located throughout the country that became tired of the convoluted meetings minutes process, which seemed to be suited for larger companies.

With the input of attorneys we developed "Do My Minutes"...

...which is created solely for companies with less than 10 people.

While Do My Minutes is a helpful and valuable tool, many business owners were still too busy to do their minutes.


So based on the feedback of business owners such as yourself, we created Do My Minutes For Me, in which we handle your corporate minutes from start to finish.

How It Works

Create Your Account

All you need is your Company Name, Email Address, and Credit/Debit Card.

Click on the "Create My Account" menu option and fill in the necessary information.

Once created, you will get a welcome email which will contain your credentials along with sharing next steps.

Company Intake Form

You will get access to a Company Intake Form to provide your company's basic information. We will use this information to create the your corporate document.

Information Gathering

One of our representatives will contact you to gather the remaining information to complete your corporate minutes.

List of Created Documents

The following forms that will be generated and emailed to you. You determine what you want to print out:

    • Annual Meeting Minutes > Board of Directors/Governing Authority and Shareholders/Members
    • Ratification of Annual Meeting Minutes > Board of Directors/Governing Authority and Shareholders/Members
    • Notice of Meeting > Board of Directors/Governing Authority and Shareholders/Members
    • Record of Delivering Notice of Meeting > Board of Directors/Governing Authority and Shareholders/Members
    • Waiver of Notice of Meeting > Board of Directors/Governing Authority and Shareholders/Members
    • Unanimous Consent form
    • Shareholders/Members of Record

Document Needs Updating?

Need to make changes? Contact us and we will make the necessary updates for FREE!

Print, Seal, and File

Once you are satisfied with the final copy, print it out for signatures and place the company seal.

You can then scan and/or store the document with your company record book for safekeeping.


Your company is an important investment.
Let us handle your corporate minutes while you manage your business.