About Us

What Is The Story Behind "Do My Minutes"?

We are a group of small business owners throughout the country that became tired of the convoluted meetings minutes process...a process which seemed to be suited for large companies.

"There has to be an easier way for small businesses to do their minutes, something that is cost effective and will not take too much time."

So with the input of attorneys we created Do My Minutes.

Do My Minutes stands out because it is created for companies with less than 10 people.


Is it cost effective? Very much so.

Is it simple to use? Yes. As a matter of fact, there are guidelines that aid you through the process.

dmm team

What Is The Story Behind "Do My Minutes FOR ME"?

dmm team

While many businesses owners appreciated that there was a tool made for them, many still just didn't have the time (or bandwidth) to do their minutes.

This led to the inevitable question...

"Hey Do My Minutes Team, is there a way for YOU to do MY minutes?"

So we created Do My Minutes For Me.

Just provide us some basic information and we'll handle the rest. You can continue focusing on your business!


Is it still cost effective? Of course...especially if you value your time!